Paul Pickup


Highest/most relevant qualification

British Cycling Qualified Coach. REPs Qualified PT.

Greatest sporting achievement

Winning 2 rounds of the National Circuit Race Series. 5 X Surrey Champion.

Greatest coaching achievement

Having riders win National Titles is always good, although anybody who achieves their goal, whatever it may be, is a winner in my eyes.

Why coaching?

A basic love of the sport and after 20+ years racing at Elite level, I wanted to pass that knowledge on to others. Plus, a passion for seeing other people push themselves and achieve their goals is a real driving force.

Most influential factor on coaching methodology/style

Keeping things real and grounded. You are your own person, find what works best for you and go for it. Also… Train Hard, Recover Harder.

Something random

I have two very sporty, athletic kids. If I am not out and about working, then I am out and about with them. Nearly all my time is spent in the countryside, a sports hall, athletics track or standing in a layby or a field somewhere!


Ash, Hampshire, UK.