What We Offer

Whether you’re just starting out, a keen cyclist or triathlete, or even a seasoned pro, Spokes has a team of specialist coaches to meet all your training needs. The level of expert input is determined by the type of Spokes coaching programme you purchase:

Training Plans

The Spokes Training Plans are designed as an introduction to coaching for cyclists and triathletes that are keen to develop their cycling abilities and performance. The Spokes Coach will provide consultancy time with the customer to personalise the Training Plan to suit their time availability, monitoring method, and other personal factors.

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Performance Coaching

Spokes Performance Coaching subscriptions have two levels of coaching support – Premium and Elite. Both subscriptions provide a comprehensive package of training input and dynamic updating of coaching plans over 3, 6 or 12 month periods. The Elite subscription has unlimited coaching support with specialist advice from the Spokes Expert Team including a DNA Analysis, nutrition consultancy + plans and an introductory mental fitness programme.

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Expert Programmes

Spokes Expert Programmes are provided by our Coaching Specialists and Advisors who work with professional racing teams and athletes. Currently these programmes consist of a DNA Analysis + Results Consultancy, Nutritional Consultancy and a Mental Fitness Programme.

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Coaching Camps & Events

Spokes Coaching Camps and Events are now being developed with 4 and 6 day Mallorca based camps available for Oct/Nov this year and Feb/Mar in 2020. A number of events are also in the early stage of planning for early 2020. If you are interested in finding out more information on either the camps or the events then please contact us.

Your Spokes coaching subscription is completely personalised to you

It’s based on the time you have available for training as well as your off-bike lifestyle, work and family demands. The Spokes coaching team provide flexible support to fit with, and optimise, your training time, development and performances whatever your goals, aspirations and experience.


We work with trusted partners in all aspects of our business.

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