Personalised coaching for cyclists, triathletes, and endurance athletes

For athletes of all levels. No signup fees, no monthly commitment, cancel whenever you like.

Personalised coaching for cyclists, triathletes and athletes of endurance sports of all levels; beginner through to pro. We guarantee excellence and promise nothing short of total dedication as we coach you towards your goals.

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Spokes Dynamic

£55 per month

This continuous programme of monthly personalised training is designed by a Spokes Coach to meet your specific personal training needs and goals, based on your current ability and availability/capability to train.

Sign up today, no minimum commitment, no hidden fees, no extras, no risk, just world class coaching at an affordable price.

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Spokes Performance

£150 per month

A totally holistic personalised coaching programme with ongoing coach led support. Nothing is limited; get as much coach contact as you want, as many real-time plan adjustments as needed; coaching for everyone and every event is catered for.

Sign up today, no minimum commitment, no hidden fees, no extras, no risk, just world class coaching.

Dynamic Performance
Monthly Subscription £55/Mth £150/Mth
Personalised Training Programme
Spokes Facebook Support Group
Spokes Mentor Support including blogs / videos / guides
Spokes Mentor WhatsApp Support Group
Coach Performance Evaluation Fortnightly Daily
Off Bike Fitness Training Sessions (videos)
Stretching + Recovery Sessions (videos)
Personal Profile Coach Consultancy
Fully Personalised Integrated Coaching Programme from Coach Consultancy
Fully Integrated Fitness / Strength+Conditioning / Stretching+Recovery Training
24/7 Personal Coach Contact by text / WhatsApp / email (or other preferred)
Coach Monthly Consultancy Session
Spokes Expert Coaching Panel Video Access: Nutrition / Motivation / DNA / Sweat Analysis
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If you’d like more information you can chat with a coach.

Your Spokes coaching subscription is completely personalised to you

It’s based on the time you have available for training as well as your off-bike lifestyle, work and family demands. The Spokes coaching and mentor team provide flexible support to fit with, and optimise, your training time, development and performances whatever your goals, aspirations and experience.

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