Spokes Dynamic

£55.00 / month

This continuous programme of monthly personalised training is designed by a Spokes Coach to meet your specific personal training needs and goals, based on your current ability and availability/capability to train.

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The monthly subscription may be canceled by the client without any notice period prior to the due payment date. Promotional discounts will be invalid once the subscription is cancelled and cannot be reactivated unless there are exceptional health or injury related circumstances.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Spokes Dynamic is aimed at those keen athletes looking to further their training at an affordable price. It is seen as the ideal introduction to the world of structured performance coaching and will soon have you on your way to realising your physical and performance potential in order to meet your goals and aspirations.

    Every month you will receive a new programme from your personal Spokes coach designed to complement your existing training and take into account any changes in your circumstances. The coach will have a ‘ Check In’ with you twice a month via email and your ongoing support will come from a dedicated Spokes Mentor. The programme will be personalised to suit your time availability, monitoring method, and other personal factors. Further coach time can be purchased if required.

    Spokes Dynamic Includes:

    • Individual and goal personalised training programme created by a personal Spokes Coach with detailed session targets; power, cadence, heart rate, etc.
    • Support from a dedicated Spokes Mentor
    • Links to training videos, blogs and guides
    • Nutrition guidance
    • Training webinars
    • Strength and conditioning guidance
    • Fully compatible with Fulgaz, RGT, Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, BKool and many more
    • Direct upload to your TrainingPeaks account

    How the Process Works

    Having purchased Spokes Dynamic, you are invited to set up the personalisation of your programme and schedule a consultancy session with a Spokes Coach.

    • STEP 1 – You complete the short personal profile questionnaire
    • STEP 2 – Your Spokes Coach will confirm that your programme has been personalised to meet your needs and provide you with access to it on your TrainingPeaks account
    • STEP 3 – You then book your telephone consultancy session with your Spokes coach
    • STEP 4 – Following the telephone consultancy, your Spokes coach will make any final changes to your programme which you will then be able to access and start training
    • STEP 5 – Twice per month,  your coach will email you a ‘Check In’ update form for you to highlight any training needs or changes in your personal circumstances to your coach. Your training programme will then be updated accordingly
    • STEP 6 – Your mentor will be available to support you via regular text, email or mobile conversations, and if you would like further coaching guidance then you can simply book an additional 30 min Consultancy with your coach
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