First of all, you will need to know exactly what you want to achieve, this could be your passion, your main target and/or the reason you are training!

Once you have this written down, follow this simple list to make setting up your Annual Training Plan (ATP):

  • Pick an overall goal or objective (see above!).
  • Pick from a list of events that will lead you towards your overall goal or objective and categorise them A, B or C (descending order of importance).
  • Find out the ‘Demands’ of your “A” event – what do you need to be capable of to succeed? This might include being able to ride for a certain duration or mileage, or climb a hill at a certain speed.
  • What training will you need to do to be able to meet these demands? How much time do you need to focus on your weaknesses, regardless of if they are entirely specific to your event?
  • When will you need to start specialised training for your event? This might be where you switch to training that looks more like your target events.
  • Be honest, do you need to involve other people, clubs or coaches?
  • When will you monitor your recovery? Will you use apps such as HRV4Training and TrainingPeaks?
  • How will you monitor your progression? How will you test you are going to achieve your goals?

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