Ever forgotten anything for your race or event? Are you someone who obsesses about forgetting something? Fear no more! Here is my list of items you might need for your event.

Bits for car:

  • Bike – you should have test rode your bike at the beginning of the week. All you need to do now is put in back of car so you don’t have to in the morning
  • Pedals – an easy one if you swap pedals about (are they on the bike you are using for the event?)
  • Garmin, Di2 Battery & Rear Light – charged & on bike?
  • Track pump – don’t be an amateur, make sure you pack your own pump (don’t forget to check adapters – for example for disc wheels)
  • Tools – any other tools you might need (spare tubes etc)
  • Wheels – both front & rear are important (back-up set if needed)

Bits for bag:

  • Helmet
  • Shoes
  • Skinsuit – possibly a second change
  • Change of clothes (for after – if you aren’t wearing your clothes there (I wear my skinsuit to the event))
  • Accessories – sunglasses, aero shoe cover, nasal strips, nutrition (drinks & holders if you need them), gloves, towel, socks, toilet roll (don’t be caught short a HQ toilets!)
  • Money – for a drink after
  • Jacket or long sleeved jersey to warm-up in
  • Drinks


  • Check out the course – don’t rely on others (at least check map my ride)
  • Check out the HQ – pre-load into Sat Nav & check out how long you need to leave for driving
  • Set alarm – work out what time you have to get up (start time less time to warm-up less time to sign-on less driving time less getting up & eating)

Think I’ve missed one? Please let me know in the comments.

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