Rosie Spence

Nutritional Therapist

Rosie is passionate about good food, health and vitality and loves what she does.  After many years of living a hectic lifestyle in London she sought out the help of a Nutritionist which inspired her to train to become a Nutritionist herself.  She has been in practice for over 10 years.

 Whilst training at the London of Naturopathic Medicine in London she was fascinated and inspired that by making basic, simple changes it could have a profound effect on how she felt and looked.   

She says: “For me nutrition should not be really complicated and it is not about starvation, restriction or an extreme detox.  It is about a process of looking at where you are at right now; how do you feel? What are your health battles? What simple changes can we make to get you back on the right path?  Also what is the bigger picture; what else is going on for you right now that is impacting how you feel? ”

As a Nutritionist she takes the time to look at your whole picture before making recommendations and giving guidance on what to do next. She provides simple, straight forward advice to help you feel well.