Luke Dragstra


I began racing triathlon after nearly 8 years of competitive running. My dreams of being an elite runner were looking pretty dismal as my progression in college running was much less than I had hoped. I had tested myself in triathlon a few times and I felt like my abilities were much better suited as I was decent at a lot of sports but great at none. Once I started training seriously for triathlon I progressed very quickly and it ended up taking me all over the world.

I trained for 2 years at the Canadian National Triathlon Center in Victoria with the great Simon Whitfield and a handful of Canada’s top Triathletes. The great Peter Ried even did the odd training session with us.

I soon realized that the Olympics in this sport was also well outside my reach (I am a realist) but found if I planned my schedule properly I could earn enough prize money to live off – at least for the summer months. I ended up taking an opportunity to race on a German club team and from there more and more opportunities followed and sometimes even compensated travel and accom. at events. I journeymanned it for nearly a decade racing everything from Sprint relays to Ironman with lots of ups and downs and took many opportunities to train and race against the best athletes in the world. I also had the chance to train under some great world-class coaches with varied training philosophies.

Since ending my racing career I have tried to apply the best parts of these philosophies to develop my own. It has been a learning curve working with Age group athletes as there is a vast difference to training when you work full time and have kids etc. We had all day, nearly every day to train, eat and rest and the average age grouper doesn’t.

To help me adjust and understand I have continued to train as effectively as I can while having kids and home and full time work. A lot of lessons have been learned and I’ve been able to see many athletes achieve big goals with what I would have considered very little training and it’s opened my eyes to what’s possible. It’s also a lot of fun to guide motivated athletes on their journeys and look forward to new athletes to work with each year.