Kirk Wilde


Highest/most relevant qualification

BTF Level 3 HPCP

Greatest sporting achievement

Age Grouper, multiple Ironman finisher

Greatest coaching achievement

Greatest coaching achievement is helping athletes build not only their sport specific confidence but building a more holistic, happier, stronger athlete generally, with groups or individuals despite their goals: be that to get back to training or qualifying and racing at European and World championships.

Why coaching?

I started off coaching as a volunteer, the volunteering made me feel good about myself so I turned that enthusiasm into coaching as there is something personally satisfying about being able to help an athlete, to see them improve, reach their goals and to be part of their journey.

Most influential factor on coaching methodology/style

A group coaching background: where each athlete is very different, has different goals and backgrounds, has taught me to embrace in a more holistic athlete-centered approach to coaching.

Something random

Proud Coffee addict!! and I am absolutely determined to get to race the last wild race on earth: the Patagonia Expedition Race!


Northampton, UK