Jake Yarranton


Having always had an interest in sport and being quite a competitive individual, I fell into the sport of cycling easily as I started working as a part time sales assistant at my local bike shop. It wasn’t long before I became heavily involved with the sport in racing and also a chosen career path of professional bike fitting and coaching. My only regret with cycling is not starting earlier.

I have been cycling for just over 10 years now and have progressed through the ranks in-between working full time and moving away to San Diego to gain experience and pass further qualifications in bike fitting. Having studied sport and exercise science in my previous education brings the interest of athlete performance and how to achieve the best results whilst training and racing.

I started coaching just over 12 months ago and have thoroughly enjoyed working with like minded cyclists who want to achieve as much as they can whilst understanding training around other factors that we face in life such as a full time work.

I am looking forward to working with Spokes for the foreseeable future.