Ian Jenner


My cycling journey has brought me to be fortunate enough to live, work and train in Italy, at Italy’s largest lake, Garda. However my 40+ years of riding bikes started when I taught myself to ride at a young age. Having a bike gave me freedom and that freedom soon culminated in me wondering how I compared to others. TT’s and Road Races soon followed then of course Club Events and in later life Sportives and Granfondos, some of Italy’s toughest as well as a few MTB events too.

Whilst my early training was all about RPE and “feel” the later has seen me Qualify as a British Cycling and Training Peaks Coach with a thirst for understanding the scientific and data approach of how to get the best out of an Athlete. Although of course my work is now as a Coach, I spent 30 years working in Hotels and Restaurants around the globe. People are still very important to me and the interaction with an athlete working together forms a huge focus in how i work with clients. Coaching is about releasing an athletes potential not just through data but through communication, teamwork and understanding. Whilst my personal cycling goals may have become less important, I now have the opportunity to use my experience and passion to help others achieve theirs!!