Andi Bajc


I have been racing bikes on way or another all my life. I started racing on road when I was 12 and turned professional when I was 18. This year will be my 12 year racing on a continental level. I raced major races all around the world with all the best cyclists in pro peloton. In my career I worked with great coaches from home and abroad and that thought me a lot. I tried to soak all of their experience and knowledge. Now I came to the point that I want to share all this knowledge and experience with others.

My clients vary from a working dad who wants to improve on the local climbs to professional who raced this year Elite World Championship in Yorkshire. I like to work in a way that is not only result orientated but considers each individual, their work, habits and their lifestyle.

I’m always searching new ways to improve my knowledge and being a part of pro peloton really helps that. I also put a lot of focus on learning racing strategies and how to optimize your ride and riding technique.