Aitor Altuna


Years ago, when I was 10, my father and I started probably the most influential trip I ever had. We took our bikes, put some panniers in them, and we started the famous “Camino de Santiago”. During those 2 weeks, a passion for the sport started.

Everything started back then: I decided to start racing after that trip, and I have been racing ever since. All those years ended up with me racing at the highest level of amateur cycling in Spain. During that journey, I learned the nature of bike racing (road primarily).

But, one of the best things it brought to me was the passion for human performance and coaching. I started reading training books and everything related to performance that I could, with the quest of understanding how the human body works in the context of exercise. My curiosity kept growing, and I found myself reading physiology textbooks, nutrition textbooks, and articles in scientific journals. That passion made me start coaching other cyclists, applying the theory to practice.

Now, my approach to coaching is focusing on the science, and building the training plan based on principles of physiology, never forgetting the psychological aspect of the sport, and all the social/mental factors that affect day to day training and performance. Having physiology as a base, I try to find the way to apply it to practice, always in the quest of optimizing human performance.