Our Team of Spokes Coaches are located in all parts of the world and have come into coaching from a diverse range of backgrounds. However, as part of the Spokes team, they have a shared purpose to ensure our clients reach their desired level of performance in their chosen sport with the maximum amount of enjoyment along the way…


Our expert nutritionists provide information and advice about how nutrition and diet can help to optimise performance.

Nigel Mitchell
Diet and Nutrition Advisor
Jess Childs
Francesca Parker

Coaching Specialists and Advisors

Professional athletes are invariably supported by a team of experts and at Spokes we now provide the opportunity for all our clients to benefit from a holistic team of specialist coaching experts alongside our coaches.

Scott Pearson
Strength & Conditioning Expert
Andy Blow
Sweat Expert
Thomas Desonay
Director of Events
Nick Littlehales
Elite Sport Sleep Coach
Alan Heary
Mental Fitness Advisor