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In this 90 minute one to one session Alan Heary will introduce you to his new “Going In The Zone” programme.

“The Going In the Zone System” has been created by combining the latest sport science research, sport psychology techniques and advanced imagery/visualization a long with Alan’s 25 years of experience working with World Champions, Olympic athletes, professional cyclists and ironman competitors.

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    Product Description

    Everyone has the ability to perform at their best in big events, but not everyone has the mental skills tools required to accomplish their goals. Lacking these tools can lead to:

    • Lack of motivation just to get out and train
    • Lack of motivation to stick to a diet
    • Anxiety and nervousness before the big event
    • Feeling you have the fitness but still lack confidence on the day
    • Fear, uncertainty and doubt after crashes and injury
    • A lack of sleep before big events
    • Lost concentration at important times and miss breaks or mistime sprints
    • Lack a real, true self belief that you can achieve what you know you can

    In this 90 minute one to one session Alan Heary will introduce you to his new “Going In The Zone” programme.

    “You come out brimming full of confidence and feel as if you can accomplish anything” – Nick O’Hare, Olympic athlete

    ‘The Going In the Zone System’ has been created by combining the latest sport science research, sport psychology techniques and advanced imagery/visualization a long with Alan’s 25 years of experience working with World Champions, Olympic athletes, professional cyclists and ironman competitors.

    If you have suffered the maddening fate of riding well one day and miserably the next. Of clamming up in races or events for no apparent reason. Maybe it happens when you least expect it or want it to, and it seems the more effort you spend rectifying the situation, the worse it gets. It seems like you are competing against elusive opponents called ‘nervousness’, ‘self-doubt’, ‘panic’ and ‘lapse of concentration’ then this training system is for you.

    When you set out to undertake any cycling challenge there are four mindset stages you must go through to get the best results possible and really enjoy your cycling:

    • Have the Courage and Commitment to sign up
    • Maintain motivation to keep consistently following training and nutritional plans
    • Control pre-event anxiety to help with sleep the night before
    • Arrive and take part in your event feeling confident and ready while managing energy, sticking to the event strategy as well as breaking through the pain barrier when required. 

    In this one to one session you will discover simple yet brilliant exercises and habits that you can add to your physical training plan to guarantee you get to your event feeling 100% ready. As you go through your one to one session you are guaranteed no psychological babble, no vague theory and no BS. Instead, you will get a simple plan that works!

    You may also be very surprised how many of techniques can be brought into your work and everyday activities to improve other areas of your life.

    About Alan

    Alan is passionate about performance and what it takes to be a winner. In sport, Alan is recognised as one of the top mental fitness trainers in the world. He works and travels with pro cycling teams (Currently EvoPro Racing). His individual cycling clients include national and international champions.

    Alan is a tutor with Cycling Ireland and sits on the board of coach education. A keen cyclist himself Alan has competed in many road and ultra-cycling races including the Race Across America.

    Alan also owns and operates one of the toughest ultra-cycling races in the world – Race Around Ireland.

  • Reviews (16)

    16 reviews for Sports Motivation Consultancy

    1. PJ Nolan—Former Cycling Ireland President and member of the Irish Olympic Committee

      I always use Alan’s programme with any team I am coaching. His programme is not just informative but interactive. I can without a doubt recommend it to all athletes and coaches.

    2. Ciaran Power—former pro-cyclist, Double RAS winner and two time Olympian 

      My advice is to do Alan’s programme. His insight into how athletes think is fantastic, but his ability to simplify things and easily integrated into your training and competition is what makes him different.

    3. Aaron Buggle—Former Pro Cyclist

      I got to work with Alan on the An Post RAS. Alan was a crucial support for me, helping with my fear of crashing following a previous accident. Never in your face but always there when you need him.

    4. Padraig Marrey—One of Ireland’s Top Cycling Coaches 

      I would recommend his programme to all athletes, no matter what discipline you do, I would also recommend it to coaches because it gives you tools that you can bring into your sporting environment and into your coaching sessions. It has been invaluable

    5. Hugh Byrne – Award Winning Track Cycling Coaches 

      Any engine these days is only as good as the engine management system. If you want to perform to the best of your ability EVERY TIME – talk to Alan!  That engine has to be at its very best of the big days. You will learn that there is nothing random about mental preparation and that it’s a skill, one that can be practiced, learned, and developed.

    6. Nick O’Hare—Olympic Swimmer

      My advice for anyone taking their sport seriously is to do mental fitness training. I used Alan’s programme for my Olympic preparations and the results were fantastic. You come out brimming full of confidence and feel as if you could accomplish anything

    7. Simon Linscheid—Irish Olympic Bobsleigh

      What surprised me most about following Alan’s visualisation session was, that sitting in a chair going through his mental program, I was able to feel impulses in the nervous system, feel the muscle twitching. I had never felt that before and that was actually quite exciting. When I went to the Olympics, and I went to major International Competitions, I was much more focused and confident. Alan’s programme is amazing!

    8. Simon Baker—Marathon on crutches, World Record Holder

      I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Alan Heary. Losing my leg also meant losing a major part of my identity. Four years after the incident I entered a marathon. Alan came on board as part of my coaching team and his performance expertise proved priceless – not only did I finish the marathon I set a new world record for completing a marathon on crutches in the fastest time! Sometime later I founded the Irish Amputee Football team – Alan worked with all team members delivering sports psychology technique talks which resulted in a team of highly competitive & confident players. I’ve no doubt this course can help change lives and achieve results some never deemed possible.

    9. Jussi Pitkanen—PGA Golf Professional 

      Alan’s work is inspirational. He simplifies the mental side of the game and he has been a huge help to me over the years

    10. Brian Casey—Professional Golfer, Europro Tour

      Getting pushed outside your comfort zone tells you what you’re made of. When it comes to training getting back to what works best is key to success. Ultimately this course helps me to compete at a very high level, a level where I get a great sense of achievement.

    11. Emmet Staunton—Performance Golf Coach

      Alan is simply the best I have ever worked with. His techniques are simple and can be applied immediately to get instant success

    12. Anthony Schweppe—Golf Professional 

      I was playing in Portmarnock links and all of a sudden I remembered something Alan had said to me in a session and it just clicked, I picked up 6 shots in 4 holes.

    13. Christina McMahon—Former WAKO World Kicking Champion, Former WBC World Bantamweight Boxing Champion

      Getting your mindset right is absolutely the most important thing for success in sport, not only for the event itself but for every training session. Understanding how to control nerves, approach your opponent’s abilities and how to break through the pain barrier contributes massively to a success. The learning outcomes proved extremely valuable not just in sport but in all aspects of life.

    14. Declan Brassil—Winner Race Around Ireland (Four Person), 3 Time Finisher and 3rd Place in Race Across America (Two Person) (‘World’s toughest bike race’), 2nd Place Race Around Iceland (Solo).

      Alan taught me how to maximise my opportunity to succeed! Learning how to focus my energy on what truly matters was pivotal to my success. Understanding the process, what you can and can’t control, and the tools for preparation go a long way towards ensuring the desired outcome.

    15. Rehana Maniar—Holder of 14 World Records & Holds Number 1 World Ranking in Age & Weight Class – Power Lifting

      The techniques developed from working with Alan helped me to feel more relaxed and focused going into competitions. This contributed significantly towards achieving my objectives when it came to competing and accelerating within power lifting

    16. Stephen Ormond—Former WBO European Lightweight Champion

      Getting your mind sharp and focused is key to high performance in any event. You need to break through fears to feel confident and relaxed – Alan’s expertise in this space is phenomenal.

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