Nutritional Consultancy + Plan


This Spokes nutritional product includes a full personal consultancy with the Spokes nutritionist, and an overall nutrition plan.

  • Description

    Product Description

    This Spokes nutritional package includes a full consultancy with the Spokes nutritionist, and the creation of a personal overall Nutrition Plan with support for 1 month. The Plan will include access to webinars + detailed menu suggestions. The nutritional plan will have the ongoing support of a Spokes coach (where applicable).

    This is for you if you suffer from:

      • Low energy (while training or competing, or day-to-day).
      • Poor recovery.
      • Digestive issues.
      • Skin issues.
      • Immune challenges (such as frequent infections and autoimmune diseases).
      • Hormonal challenges.
      • Any disease or condition that requires supervision during training (such as cancer or diabetes).

    We can build diet plans for:

      • Intolerances and allergies (such as gluten, dairy and soy free).
      • Vegetarian and vegan.
      • Low carb or keto.
      • Specific conditions (such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular issues).
      • Anything and everything else!

    All our nutritionists are fully qualified and registered with the relevant national governing body. Each has a specific interest or study area, which covers every aspect of nutrition and sports nutrition.

    What to expect:

      1. You will complete an initial nutrition and general health questionnaire prior to an introduction to your nutritionist.
      2. Your nutritionist will reach out to setup an initial consultation (asking additional questions, if necessary).
      3. Your nutritionist will then conduct root cause analysis and recommend a diet plan, plus any additional testing you may need or a recommendation for additional follow-ups.
      4. Your consultation notes will be emailed to you and where relevant your Spokes coach; they will include handouts to cover any conditions you may have and ways to support your body’s natural ability to heal.
      5. You will be able to send questions to your nutritionist about the proposed plan while you get started over the first month