We hear it all the time “I train right, I eat right, why can’t I get any faster?”. Have you ever heard this? Maybe you’ve said it yourself?

It is estimated that your growth in performance is only partly due to the training you do. Nutritionists might say that it could be 30% training and 70% diet. While I completely agree and think that training over a long period is only achievable through a healthy diet, I do think there’s something more important missing from this…

I believe that attitude & preparation accounts for half of all your gains. I think the ratio sits something like 50% Attitude & Preparation, 35% Diet & 15% Training. It doesn’t matter what you eat or how you train if you are going to crack instantly or are unprepared to put the effort in. When I get people asking me why they can’t improve despite seemingly eating the right foods and training well the first thing I get them to think about is this.

Attitude: How do you view your training? Forgetting professionals who are lucky enough to get paid to train, the top level amateur will be willing to go far further in order to achieve their goals than those below them. Our best clients, or even the ones who get the biggest gains in training, never miss a session, always feedback information to us, always treat every setback as an opportunity to learn, and understand that unless you are willing to commit to training 100% you’ll never achieve 100% of your goals.

You might be reading this thinking that you could never be like this due to commitments or lifestyle, family or jobs. Are you just making excuses? If you have aspirations that require 100% commitment, you need to be 100% committed! That being said, it is better to adjust your aspirations to match a realistic level of commitment, than to fail completely. Talking to one of our coaches is the first step in setting realistic goals that suit your lifestyle and commitment levels.

Preparation: How do you prepare for an event and what’s your strategies? You could achieve all your training goals but if you’re unprepared for your event then the gains you’ve made in training aren’t going to translate on the day. Things like using your warm-up time to get motivated, or using thoughts and images to remind you to maintain a certain position can be the difference between first or second.

This is why we offer all our clients mental fitness training with our packages. Developing a thorough warm-up and cool-down as well as focusing on understanding pacing and feeding on the day. All of these strategies will focus the mind on the task in hand and will lead to less issues on the day.

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