725-mile ride took over 62 hours and included elevation gain of 141,103 feet

Laguna Niguel, Calif. February 18, 2020 — Pav Bryan, Performance Director at SPOKES, a dynamic coaching platform with a fully personalized and holistic approach for endurance athletes of all ages, abilities and goals, completed a “Seven Summits” Challenge yesterday in Orange County, Calif. The 725-mile ride is the first of several challenges that Bryan plans to undertake in 2020, culminating with his world record attempt for the fastest bicycle ride of America’s iconic Route 66, which will kick off in September.

Similar to the concept of “Everesting”, the ever-popular cycling challenge of riding a bike up and down the same hill repeatedly until you’ve climbed the same elevation as Mount Everest, Bryan rode up and down Pacific Island Drive in Laguna Niguel, Calif. 226 times over the course of seven days, the equivalent to summiting seven different peaks. At the completion of the ride, Bryan had climbed 141,103 feet.

“I feel incredible. Yes, I got tired and yes, it was hard, but I never felt like quitting and that’s a testament to my coaches and support team at SPOKES,” said Bryan. “We executed my training plan perfectly. Every single person involved, from strength + conditioning and my mental fitness coach to my personal coach have come together to make this experience seamless. From here, we will analyze the data and adjust the plan accordingly to best prepare for the epic Route 66 ride this fall.”

As part of his ongoing training for standalone challenges, fundraising events, races and ultimately for the Route 66 world record attempt, Bryan works with a team of Spokes coaches and specialists. Applying SPOKES’ unique holistic approach, Bryan’s coordinated team includes a dedicated personal cycling coach, nutritionist, motivation, strength + conditioning, and recovery and DNA Analysis coaches, as well as sponsors to provide an unparalleled, professional level of support and training.

A mere decade ago, Bryan was being treated for severe symptoms of Bipolar Affective Disorder and told he would never be a contributing member of society without the use of harsh prescription medication. Now, he is a successful entrepreneur, coach and athlete, living without the aid of any medication. Bryan credits exercise, specifically cycling, with helping him deal with mental illness in a healthy way and hopes to inspire others with his experience.

“One of the reasons I’m doing this is because when I was at my lowest, I felt like I couldn’t do anything. I thought I would be on medication for my whole life and become a statistic. Now I know I can do something that most people wouldn’t even think about. I hope my actions will empower others who might be struggling,” added Bryan. “The Route 66 ride will also raise money for HeadSet, a non-profit organization supporting a range of mental health charities.”

The “Seven Summits” Challenge was supported by Spokes Fit, Zed Bike Wheels, Etxeondo and Infinity Bike Seat. A full blog will be uploaded to the Spokes site to coincide with a podcast release Monday 23rd March.

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